Online Sale Stores at is an Online Specialty Marketplace & Entertainment Media Showcase for Astute Collectors, Consumers, & Special Audiences, featuring Unique & Collectible Products, Specially Presented, at Competitive Prices. The Site is designed to make Shopping a Fun & Entertaining Experience. Most Products & Services are arranged and listed within Specialty Stores (ST) and are easily accessed by utilizing the Search facilities of the Site.

Shoppers at Online Sale Stores have Direct Access to One of a Kind Products & Services generally not available elsewhere. They are Unique, Useful, Profitable, and Exclusively Available through and its Affiliates. The prices, supplies, and products are constantly updated to ensure the best possible prices. Shoppers should regularly monitor the products and prices to ensure to benefit from the many special sales when available.

Do you have a product or service you want to sell? Explore the exciting opportunities at! Whether you’re an owner or producer, is the perfect space to sell products, collaborate, and grow your business. With a specialized online marketplace powered by innovative affiliate marketing. We offer unique advantages for selling not just our products but yours as well—and even advertising spots. Discover how can benefit your business today! Click here to provide us with information about your product or service,

Online Sale Stores is the perfect place to Search for Special Gifts for Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, and other Special Occasions & Celebrations. The Products & Services sold on the Site are curated to be the best quality available. Each Product or Service is specially designed and produced to be unique and reliable in utility and purpose.

Online Sale Stores at contains products & services from different Industries, Suppliers, & Producers providing high commissions and profitable policies for Affiliate Marketers. The Marketplace contains several Specialty Stores (ST), Groups & Collections (GC), and External Affiliated Products (ET). All Products & Services are commissionable for qualified Affiliate Marketers except for a few Products and Services in the Non Commissions (NC) Listings.

Industrial Affiliate Marketing Marketplace

Online Sale Stores is a subsidiary of the The Hannaian Affiliate Marketing Group (HAMG). HAMG is associated with, and is an outgrowth of The Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG), and The National Market Exchange (NMEX) at Self Directed & Controlled Investors, Industrial Affiliate Marketers, and Social Media Enthusiasts & Influencers can use to significantly enhance their Business Operations.

HAMG helps its affiliates with establishing and operating a Business based on Industrial Affiliate Marketing. Industrial Affiliate Marketing uses the power & dynamics of Specialized Groups to mutually promote & sell Self Owned and/or Controlled products & services. It also involves selling & promoting products owned or controlled by others, utilizing Affiliate Marketing & Networks.

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful and important Business Model. It is the fastest growing segment of online sales and is expected to grow and become even more important in the future worldwide economy. Promoters of products & services make significant commissions for their marketing of almost any product or service. Affiliate Marketers can start and build a Business, and grow revenue and income from Affiliate Marketing Commissions without having to spend money on manufacturing, storage, packaging and shipping.

HAMG was specifically established and designed to provide an effective platform for its members and affiliates to grow revenue and income for their businesses promoting the distribution and sales of products and services they own or control. HAMG and its members also serve as Distributors of the products and services of non-members. HAMG distributes such products under a license or other agreement with the owners as needed.

In addition to purchasing products & services on Online Sale Stores, customers, patrons, and purchasers can also register as Affiliate Marketers, and/or Merchant Marketers for their products with the Online Sale Stores Portal and HAMG by utilizing the Affiliates Link on the Site.

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Important Disclaimer – No statement made within this Site is intended to be Investment and/or Financial Advice and should not be used as such. Also, although we diligently attempt to provide the best description of products & services, some pictures & images used to represent or describe products & services listed within the Site, may not fully or accurately represent or describe the actual item as sold and delivered.