AmaKemi Creations & Certifications

Specially designed and crafted One of A Kind Artistic Creations utilizing Special Materials, including Coconut & Conch Shell Jewelry, by Master Artist AmaKemi & Associates. Includes AmaKemi Certified Products & Services.

The AmaKemi Heritage Collection ~ Collectible Dolls Handcrafted from the vibrant textiles of the Bahamas, Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Our dolls boast the rich texture and flair of traditional and contemporary hair styles. These fabulous, plush 19-20-inch dolls reflect the style and grace of the Continents, and can be displayed or cuddled~the perfect gift for someone special-including yourself. No two dolls are identical, as fabric selection is in limited quantities to preserve the unique quality of each doll. *Twins, triplets, etc can be custom ordered. Please use our Contact Form for Inquiries about the availability & prices of Custom Orders, Monogramming, etc.

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