Creative Production, Consultant & Professional Services

Experienced Creative Production, Consultant, & Professional Services. Music, Video, and Artistic Productions which can be purchased Personalized and Autographed by the Producer(s) and Artist(s), and some by Celebrities.

The Category provides Music & Video Production & Recording Services & consultation, Internet & Book Publishing, Digital & NFT Blockchain Productions, Promotions, Legal & Administrative Services, and Investment & Funding options for Celebritized Projects.

In addition, the Category includes a subscription based membership, and access to The Hannaian Metaverse Showcase (HMS). HMS is an Online Celebrity Based Entertainment Showcase. Celebrities and those aspiring to be Celebrities can showcase their talents, products & services, such as Vignettes, Shows, Music, Videos, Books, Internet Publishing Productions, and Affiliate Product Sales & Promotions on The National Market Exchange (NMEX). NMEX is an online platform which allows social media, group accessible and controlled, monetizable functions, with the assistance, and/or joint ventures with Hannaian Productions.

Registered HMS users will be able to host their own shows, showcase their memorabilia and exhibits, and control access to their showcase in real time with the sophisticated access and control mechanisms on the NMEX platform. This significantly enhances the distribution of their productions, exhibitions, and merchandise.

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