Delta Ecology Conservancy & Hannaian Research Institute Certified


Delta Certified – DERC Certified Delta Related Art, Music, Literature, Artifacts, NFTs & other Products & Services.
Preserving Delta CHHAARM – (Mississippi Delta Culture, History, Health, Agriculture, Arts, Rights, & Music) – The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy (DERC) Certifies Artifacts related to this Famous Region of The United States. The Mississippi Yazoo Delta and its comparatively small population is one of the most historic, prolific, and productive environments in the world. DERC preserves and archives the numerous contributions the Mississippi Yazoo Delta, and the Mid-South has made to the development, leadership, and worldwide dominance of the United States in Music, Art, Literature, Agriculture, Theatre, and Civil Rights.

Value Certified – HRI Certified Investor & Collector Value Related Products & Services.
The Hannaian Research Institute (HRI) Certifies Unique Products, Services & Artifacts that require Special Research & Identification to Authenticate their Investment and/or Collectible Value. The Hannaian Research Institute (HRI) is an entrepreneurial Research Institute engaged in conducting socially conscious research, intellectual property (IP) acquisition activities, intellectual property commercialization & technology transfer services, and professional academics. It offers investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, authors, and students world class opportunities within its unique sphere of operations which are centered around Capital Market Driven Economic Development. HRI’s business activity is concentrated on the development and licensing of Intellectual Property rich innovative products and services, with a focus on satisfying the investment objectives of legally qualified and sophisticated investors.

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