Legends of Entertainment (ST)

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Legends of Entertainment (ST)
A Specialty Store featuring products & services related to the Legendary & historic Artists, and Luminaries of the Music, Film, Stage, and other Entertainment Industries. Give someone special a Gift of the Collectible Music from this Specialty Store.

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Legends of Entertainment (ST)
A Specialty Store featuring products & services related to the Legendary and historic Artists, and Luminaries of the Music, Film, Stage, Literature, and other Entertainment Industries. Give someone special a Gift of the Collectible Music from this Specialty Store.

(James Brown, Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Morgan Freeman, Sidney Poitier, Calvin Lockhart, Elvis Presley, William Faulkner, John Grisom, Tennessee Williams, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Little Richard, Kool & The Gang, Dionne Warwick, Patti Labelle, BB King, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles)

Bob Marley Best Songs – Greatest Hits – Reggae Songs

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Greatest hits album by  Bob Marley and the Wailers
Released7 May 1984 – Recorded1972–1983 – LabelIslandTuff Gong (Reissue)
ProducerChris BlackwellErrol BrownBob Marley, Steve Smith, The Wailers[1]
 is a compilation album by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It was released on 7 May 1984 by Island Records.[2] It is a greatest hits collection of singles in its original vinyl format and is the best-selling reggae album of all-time, with over 12 million sold in the US, over 3.3 million in the UK (where it is the 17th best-selling album[3]) and an estimated 25 million copies sold globally.[4][5][6] In 2003, the album was ranked number 46 in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”, maintaining the ranking in a 2012 revised list,[7] but dropping to number 48 in the 2020 revised list.[8] As of June 2024, Legend has spent a total of 838 nonconsecutive weeks on the US Billboard 200 albums chart—the second longest run in the chart’s history.[9][10] Also, as of June 2024, it has spent 1,137 weeks in the top 100 of the UK Albums Chart—the third longest run in that chart’s history.[4][11]

Ray Charles Genius Loves Company

This CD features the soulful and timeless music of Ray Charles, with his iconic album “Genius Loves Company”. Released in 2004 by Concord Records, Coj, this album showcases Charles’s talent as a pianist, singer, and composer. The album includes a variety of tracks, from the upbeat “Happy Days Are Here” to the heartfelt “I Will Always Love You”. The CD format ensures high-quality sound for an immersive listening experience. With its soulful melodies and powerful vocals, this album is a must-have for any fan of Ray Charles or soul/R&B & soul genre.

1.1 Here We Go Again – Features Norah Jones 1.2 Sweet Potato Pie – Features James Taylor 1.3 You Don’t Know Me – Features Diana Krall 1.4 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – Features Elton John 1.5 Fever – Features Natalie Cole 1.6 Do I Ever Cross Your Mind – Features Bonnie Raitt 1.7 It Was a Very Good Year – Features Willie Nelson 1.8 Hey Girl – Features Michael McDonald 1.9 Sinner’s Prayer – Features B.B. King 1.10 Heaven Help Us All – Features Gladys Knight 1.11 Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Features Johnny Mathis 1.12 Crazy Love – Features Van Morrison
Subgenre – Enhanced CD-R
GENIUS LOVES COMPANY stands as a remarkable hallmark in a remarkable career. In his brilliant debut for Concord Records, Ray Sings a dozen duets with a dazzling array of guest artists from virtually every genre, who have won a combined 79 Grammy Awards.

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Bob Marley Greatest Hits Reggae Songs 2018 – Bob Marley Full Album

Bob Marley & The Wailers Live Recordings of Various Concert Performances compiled in one Album. The Songs are randomly performed on the Video.

BB King Eric Clapton Riding With The King

When it comes to the greatest rockin’ bluesmen in history, at the top of the electrified traditional list is B.B. King; at the top of the contemporary list is Eric Clapton. Riding with The King brings the two living legends together for an entire album for the first time. When it comes to rockin’ blues, Riding With The King is as great as it will ever get. Certified Multi-Platinum (2 times)by the RIAA. (2/01) — It sounds like the beginning of a story: “So, Slowhand and the King of the Blues were riding in a car …” If this is a musical journey, it’s the kind that rolls down long, empty stretches of country highway at 80 miles an hour, with the top down and the stereo blasting. Clapton and King may be more city than country, but this collection has the relaxed, laid-back feel that only comes from a pair of veterans doing what they do best. What they do here is cover 12 classic blues songs, many of them staples of King’s repertoire, so the title of this album makes sense. Whether it’s the rollicking rock & roll of the title track, or the acoustic shuffle of “Key to the Highway,” or the sweet notes of “When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer,” a real sense of pleasure comes through on this album, the kind of pleasure one gets from jamming late at night with a good friend. –Genevieve Williams

Riding with the King – B.B. King and Eric Clapton
Two living blues legends are brought together for the first time to record an entire CD – and the results are historic! When it comes to rockin’ blues, this is as great as it will ever get! Tracks include “Riding with the King,” “Three O’Clock Blues.” “When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer.”

Tracks – 1.1 Riding with the King 1.2 Ten Long Years 1.3 Key to the Highway 1.4 Marry You 1.5 Three O’Clock Blues 1.6 Help the Poor 1.7 I Wanna Be 1.8 Worried Life Blues 1.9 Days of Old 1.10 When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer 1.11 Hold on I’m Coming 1.12 Come Rain or Come Shine
Eric Clapton (Producer), Simon Climie (Producer), Alan Douglas (Engineer), Eric Clapton and B.B. King (Artist)
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Bob Marley Redemption Song

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Redemption Song” is a song by Jamaican singer Bob Marley. It is the final track on Bob Marley and the Wailers‘ twelfth albumUprising, produced by Chris Blackwell and released by Island Records.[3] The song is considered one of Marley’s greatest works. Some key lyrics derived from a speech given by the Pan-Africanist orator Marcus Garvey titled “The Work That Has Been Done”, which Marley publicly recited as early as July 1979 during his appearance at the Amandla Festival.[4]Unlike most of Bob Marley’s other tracks, it is strictly a solo acoustic recording, consisting of his singing and playing an acoustic guitar, without accompaniment. The song is in the key of G major.

The song is reported to have been written around 1979, appearing for the first time on a demo tape called “Dada Demos” which, amongst other unreleased tracks and re-recordings of older songs, features also an early drum machine version of Could You Be Loved?. German journalist Teja Schwaner claims to have witnessed Marley playing Redemption Song during a hotel stay in Hamburg on tour in 1976,[5] although he could have confused it with another song.

A few years earlier, Bob Marley had been diagnosed with the cancer in his toe that took his life in 1981. According to Rita Marley, “…he was already secretly in a lot of pain and dealt with his own mortality, a feature that is clearly apparent in the album, particularly in this song.”

After its recording for the Uprising album, the song saw its first public performance during the opener show of the Uprising Tour on May 30, 1980, in Zürich, Switzerland, and continued to be featured in every known setlist of that tour’s further concerts. There exist at least two music video recordings of the song, one produced by the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, featuring Marley and his keyboarder Earl Lindo both accompanying themselves on guitars, and a second one from September 1980 featuring Marley during a rehearsal break and his band members listening. A few more recordings from live concerts exist, both audio and video, amongst them a performance from Dortmund, Germany, on June 13, 1980, which is featured on the official 2014 release Uprising Live. In 2004, Rolling Stone placed the song at number 66 among “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time“. In 2010, the New Statesman listed it as one of the Top 20 Political Songs.[6]

Bob Marley – vocalsacoustic guitarproduction – With Bob accompanying himself on guitar, “Redemption Song” was unlike anything he had ever recorded: an acoustic ballad, without any hint of reggae rhythm. In message and sound it recalled Bob Dylan. Biographer Timothy White called it an ‘acoustic spiritual’ and another biographer, Stephen Davis, pointed out the song was a ‘total departure’, a deeply personal verse sung to the bright-sounding acoustic strumming of Bob’s Ovation Adamas guitar.— James Henke, author of Marley Legend[8]In 2009, Jamaican poet and broadcaster Mutabaruka chose “Redemption Song” as the most influential recording in Jamaican music history.[12]

In 2017, “Redemption Song” was featured in series 25 of BBC Radio 4‘s Soul Music, a documentary series exploring famous pieces of music and their emotional appeal, with contributors including Marley’s art director Neville Garrick, Jamaican Poet Laureate Lorna GoodisonGrammy Award-winning artist John Legend, and Wailers guitarist Don Kinsey.[13In American Songwriter‘s 2019 appreciation of the song, Jim Beviglia analyzed the song as being a “departure” from his regular music. Marley was too much a force of nature to lose his personality just because he was in a new setting. The rhythmic ingenuity that marked his career can be heard in the little instrumental breakdown between verses. His vocal also drips with idiosyncratic power, from the way he hiccups his way through some of the lines to give them some extra flavor to his brilliant phrasing of the word “triumphantly.” Other songwriters might have crammed in a few other words just to fit the meter a bit more snugly, but Marley’s choice gives that word added meaning.[14]

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